10 Worst Bioware Companions In Company History

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Blackwall Dragon Age Inquisition
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#4. Blackwall

You know what we could’ve really used to help us against an army lead by an ancient body-hopping Darkspawn in Dragon Age Inquisition? A goddamn Grey Warden or two. What did we get instead? We got Blackwall.
To be somewhat fair, Blackwall was one the road to becoming a Grey Warden. He was about to start on the path, trained by the actual Blackwall. But the real Grey Warden was killed. Hey, this kind of stuff happens, especially in lands filled with undead demons, various monsters and occasionally lots of dragons.

So what does this guy do? Go around pretending to be a Grey Warden, only without any of the training or knowledge that comes with it. No special techniques for dealing with Darkspawn, no visions to warn when a blight is coming. None of that stuff. It’s stupid and downright dangerous. Like he could’ve literally led your party to their doom at any moment because you are relying on him to know his stuff with it comes to Darkspawn.

Sure he eventually comes clean if you get him to open up enough, but the fate of the world is at stake, you don’t have time for this crap and have every right to abandon him if given the chance. On top of that, he’s not even that good a party member. There’s nothing he brings to the table that someone like Cassandra or Iron Bull isn’t way, way better at. Maybe it’s because while being a perfectly competent soldier in his previous life, he never actually got the Grey Warden training he so sorely needed.