10 Worst Bioware Companions In Company History

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Anders Dragon Age II
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#1. Anders

So Anders in Dragon Age II is already a super terrible character. He’s possessed by the “spirit of justice.” Somehow that makes him “vengeance,” or some nonsense. But mostly it’s just an excuse for him to be the most emo mage in existence. Dragon Age II is also all about mounting tensions between the Templars and the Mages in the city of Kirkwall. You might, might have been able to keep things calm. But then Anders happens. He just outrights blows up the Chantry, basically inciting a war that burns the city to rubble. Several characters demand you execute Anders on the spot, and you have little reason not to do so.

The real tragedy of all this is if you played the expansion to Dragon Age: Origins, Awakenings, you met Anders. He was a funny, charming dude who you really enjoyed spending dozens of hours with. So that only adds to how terrible a character he is when you see him again.

I would’ve really looked forward to teaming up with that Anders again. But Anders in Dragon Age 2 has changed quite a bit, and not for the better. He’s joyless, a constant drain and incites an unnecessary war with a pointless terrorist act that accomplishes nothing. Anders might be the one exception to me saying I’d save just about anybody in Virmire over Kaiden Alenko. He is the worst Bioware companion. Let’s hope Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn’t bring about a new contender.

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And there you have it, the ten worst companions in Bioware games. I’m sure there’s some disagreement on this list. And you can tell us who your picks for worst companions would be in the comments. Like I said, let’s just hope Bioware’s latest effort, Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn’t bring anybody worth adding to this list when it comes out March 21st on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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