10 Household Items That Should Be Pokemon

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A Lamp

Finally, something a bit more sensible. Returning to the idea of Rotom opening the door to appliances, a lamp Pokemon could actually be pretty cool. I think of this Pokemon similar to an Aegislash, where it has two “forms” that can be switched on and off (literally) by certain kinds of moves. The lamp being “on” would give it an electric typing and a higher attack, while the lamp being “off” would give it a Dark typing and higher evasion. Using a move from either type would switch the Pokemon into that type. Its name could be some kind of pun on lumens, the SI unit related to light measurement. Or, something about Watt, I guess, if we want to be mega-punny.

I picture the lamp Pokemon something like a tall stand lamp with a very classic shade and a power cord surging with electricity. Moves like Charge and Shock Wave would be perfect for its electric side, while Faint Attack would make good sense for Dark, revolving around the idea of striking from the shadows.

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Looking back on this list, I don’t expect many, if any of these ideas to actually happen in the Pokemon universe. Instead, I expect the unexpected: Generation VIII of Pokemon will have lots of new inanimate objects as Pokemon that we never thought could make sense. Some will absolutely not. Others will be cooler than we ever thought possible.

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None will be cooler than the ice cream cone Pokemon, though.

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