Pokemon Sun And Moon Pokemon, Ranked

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 As Alola’s Pokedex slowly fills, it’s our destiny to rank all the new Pokemon Sun and Moon ‘mons from worst to the very best.

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Every generation of Pokemon has added a mix of new ‘mons to the Pokedex, and the seventh generation is no exception. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, you’ll encounter all sorts of interesting creatures throughout the Alola Region. Some will be adorable; others very powerful, still others will be unwieldy and strange; many will be some combination of those factors and more.

This also means we’ll see a wide array of interesting design choices. While it’s easy to mock recent newcomers for their ludicrous themes, including an ice cream cone, a ring of keys, and actual garbage, the first generation was no better; it included highlights such as multiple amorphous blobs, items with eyes, and some eggs. While Pokemon Sun and Moon do include delightful new creatures, the games certainly have their share of duds.

With this in mind, I have ranked all the Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon according to design, typing, Pokedex info, and how well their evolutionary families work together. To keep the list readable, I have placed evolutationary families together in the ranking, and I have not included either Alola forms of Kanto Pokemon (they’re over here, on this list) nor have I included Ultra Beasts.

We’ve got a lot of Pokemon to get through, so let’s get started! Here are all the Pokemon Sun and Moon monsters ranked, from worst to best.

pokemon sun and moon
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42 – Pyukumuku

Type: Water

Classification: Sea Cucumber Pokemon

Pokedex: It lives in shallow seas, such as areas near a beach. It can eject its internal organs, which it uses to engulf its prey or battle enemies. These Pokémon line the beaches. The sticky mucus that covers their bodies can be used to soothe sunburned skin. How convenient!

Explanation: Something had to be last, so it may as well be the Pokemon that pukes out its own guts when threatened. While I will give some credit to Game Freak for a…unique design, I look at Pyukumuku and can’t think of a Pokemon I want to train less. It doesn’t evolve. It isn’t particularly effective in battle. It isn’t cute. Its most notable traits include washing up on the beach and annoying tourists, then spitting out intestines on people who pick them up. There’s even a mini-game in Sun and Moon where you can throw these guys back into the water for money, just to get them out of people’s way. Sorry, Pyukey, but I’m gonna pass on the gross-out Pokemon this generation.