Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates, Ranked

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7 – Penny

Wonderfully kind, if a tad shy, Penny is an excellent marriage candidate all-around. Though it may take a few conversations to get her to warm up to you, it’s hard to blame her given how rough her home life is. She doesn’t have much reason to trust those outside her immediate circle, and you’ll often find her absorbed in a book rather than in a conversation. As you earn that trust, Penny will open up to you more and more about her dreams and desires beyond cleaning the dingy trailer she lives in with her mother, eventually finding her out in a happy life with you.

Farm life is particularly suited to Penny, who loves the outdoors and the prospect of a family and animals to care for. She’s highly intelligent and uses that intellect to educate Jas and Vincent as the town teacher, even after marriage. It’s hard to find a bad word to say about Penny. If there is one, it’s that some might find her personality a bit on the bland side. But considering how good all the marriage candidates are from here on out, distinctions will ultimately boil down to taste.