Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates, Ranked

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6 – Alex

I admit to hating Alex when I met him but bear with the guy. Having lost his parents and devoid of a decent role model or, really, any friends (you’ll note that Sebastian, Abigail, and Sam seem to ignore him), Alex’s almost offensively macho persona can be forgiven once you get to know him. Alex will reveal that while he’s not faking the love of sports, he’s much more than a poor stereotype of a jock. He values intelligence and compassion just like a normal human being and is surprisingly self-aware about avoiding being pigeonholed into a poor trope.

Even more interesting are the subtle but key differences in dialogue if you approach Alex as a male character rather than as a female. In Stardew Valley, there’s no limitation on who you can marry regardless of gender, but Alex admits that he never thought he would fall for a guy, and even tried to deny it for awhile. Yet, he understands by the end that love is love, and is happy to acknowledge that with you.