Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates, Ranked

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8 – Leah

Leah is an artist–a sculptor who came to the valley to work in peace and to avoid a troubled former relationship. Your interactions with her largely revolve around you encouraging her and her artistic endeavors and even include a slight branching path depending on how you encourage her in the two heart scene. Over time, you get to watch Leah grow in confidence in her art and in herself, which culminates in her finally confronting her past and embracing life in the valley with you.

What I like best about Leah’s story is how simple and well-told it is. There’s a clear arc in which you play an active part. Leah is also one of the easier people to get along with in Stardew Valley, whereas many of the other candidates are initially cold to you when you move in. Though Leah can be a bit tough to track down some days, pursuing her is worth it. From the time you meet her to the time she moves in with you, Leah is a caring, considerate, and interesting companion. She even sculpts you your own…statue-thing to put in your house!