Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates, Ranked

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3 – Harvey

The only thing wrong with Harvey is that weird mustache. Seriously. Shave it off, guy! It makes you look so old. And yet, his apparent age is part of what makes him so important. One of Stardew Valley’s perks is that the marriage candidates seem to span an age range from just-out-of-teens to middle-aged adult, so there’s a larger variety of personalities and maturities available than in other, similar games. If you’re an older adult playing the game, you don’t have to feel creeped out with only marriage candidates fresh out of high school.

Harvey is full of surprises. He’s the local doctor and hard up for money, yet insists on continuing to do what he does because he genuinely cares about everyone in the valley, even those who are more difficult to handle, like George. He is terrified of heights, yet dreams of flying. It’s too fun to catch him listening to air traffic controllers in the back of his office on weekends. I won’t spoil his final heart event for you, but let’s just say that Harvey’s love for you truly can conquer all.

He’s a sweetheart when you’re married, too. Harvey loves to look out for your well-being and enjoys sharing ideas and dreams with you. He seems to rarely get upset or moody, as some of the younger spouses can. Though Harvey can prove more difficult to court due to his strict schedule, the depth of his relationship with the player character is  worth seeking him out.