Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates, Ranked

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4 – Maru

I always felt like Maru got the short end of the stick before the 1.1 update. Maru could have easily been a brilliant scientist at some fancy university, but when you married her, she seemed to give all that up. It felt almost wrong to marry Maru, because you were tearing her away from her dreams. After 1.1 though, this concern is abated considerably now that your spouse has an area of their own to tinker in. I still feel a little guilty about marrying Maru, but now the choice feels more mutual than dream-shattering.

And I love Maru. Her intense curiosity about everything and desire to change the world for the better make her a delight to talk to on a daily basis. She loves to build, whether it’s a goofy snowman or a cool robot. She pulls off overalls fabulously. And her date is one of the most romantic ones–at night, outdoors, gazing up at the stars. Her dad may come across as a bit overprotective, but if my kid were as awesome as Maru, I’d want the best for her, too.