The 15 Best GameCube Games Of All Time

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#7 – Animal Crossing

North America never saw the iteration of Animal Crossing on the N64. Instead, we got the same game with slight improvements on the GameCube, and what a game it was! A town life sim where your village was populated by adorable animals, neighbors regularly present you with furniture as presents, and you were in a permanent state of debt to a raccoon. Animal Crossing was relaxing, quirky, and time-sucking. You could easily spend hours wandering your village, fishing, chatting with the neighbor cats, and picking fruit.

Animal Crossing has only gotten better since its roots, with New Leaf arguably one of the best Nintendo games out right now. It was a style of game the like of which we had not yet seen on a Nintendo console…or anywhere, really, seeing how unique it was even among other sim games such as The Sims or Harvest Moon. We’ll always remember our first villages and our first neighbors, and we’ll always remember the first Animal Crossing.

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