The 15 Best GameCube Games Of All Time

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#6 – Skies of Arcadia Legends

Yes, I know Skies of Arcadia was originally a Dreamcast title. But it would be an awful mistake not to include it on a GameCube list, as it’s simply one of the best RPGs of all time. Plus, a significant chunk of its fans hadn’t gotten to experience the magic of soaring through the skies on an air pirate vessel until the game appeared on GameCube. It certainly made a lifelong fan out of me.

As Vyse of the Blue Rogues, you and your pal Aika are destined to be famous air pirates until a mysterious girl named Fina shows up and, after a daring rescue mission, sets you on a world-saving course to gather the six Moon Crystals to stop the evil Valuan Empire from wrecking your carefree pirate existence. You’ll visit exotic lands across the skies, fight in both traditional turn-based encounters and grid-based strategy ship battles, fill out your log of Discoveries, and hunt down bounties. You won’t just upgrade your equipment and your ship, but you’ll also upgrade your reputation with the dialogue choices you make. And you’ll end up spending countless hours after finishing the game trying to snag that elusive King of Pirates title.

Skies of Arcadia is yet another depressing example of a great RPG that died without a sequel. Dust off your GameCube sometime and remember it–the world of Arcadia is worth it.

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