10 Characters Who Should Be In Injustice 2

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#1. Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle has never been a top-tier DC character, but he’s always been a fan favorite, so it was a little surprising he didn’t appear in any form in the first Injustice game. And while Ted Kord is the classic Blue Beetle, I have to specifically go with the more recent Jaime Reyes for the simple reason that while Ted Kord was a super genius with some fun and cool tech, that’s no match for super alien armor that can do all kinds of interesting stuff and would fit much better into a fighting game such as Injustice 2.

Simply put, the suit incorporates an incredibly versatile use of energy-based attacks, from energy blasts to weapons made of energy and energy shields as well. The Blue Beetle’s “Infiltrator Mode”, where Jaime basically releases control of the suit to his scarab and it goes all out, making him taller, more muscular and grow spikes would be great as a super or to incorporate into a fatality. Blue Beetle, particularly as Jaime Reyes, is long overdue for some good representation in a good video game, and Injustice 2 seems like a perfect game to do it with.

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And that’s ten characters who should definitely be in Injustice 2, but that is by no means the only ten. I would love for them to go really nuts with this game and go deep into DC’s roster. Go for broke and make the roster as massive as Marvel vs. Capcom 2, which sported a whopping 56 characters. I think DC’s bench is deep enough that if NetherRealm and DC wanted to, they could make it that massive. And there might be some redundant or unbalanced characters, but the Injustice series isn’t serious on the level games like Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat are. It wouldn’t matter to the same degree.

What are some DC characters you’d like to play as in Injustice 2 that weren’t in the original game? Let us know in the comments below and Injustice 2 is due out sometime in 2017 for PS4 & Xbox One.

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