5 Ways Animal Crossing Mobile Could Pair With Console

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Animal Crossing mobile may well be the series’ next standalone title. But instead, what if it was an app that could pair with the console game we’ve been hoping for?

Anyone who knows me is probably sick of hearing me say it by now, but here we go again: the Wii U needed an Animal Crossing title. Not only was Animal Crossing: New Leaf (from four years ago!) on the 3DS one of the best Nintendo games this generation, but the Wii U had the perfect set-up to take the goodness of New Leaf a step further. So when I heard that Animal Crossing was among the next two franchises getting Nintendo’s mobile treatment, it broke my heart a little. Not that I have doubts Nintendo could make a good mobile Animal Crossing; rather, there’s no way something built for generic mobile devices could ever live up to a handheld or console offering as a main series game.

While it would be easy to wring our hands and wonder if such a game would just amount to another Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival regarding levels of disappointment, day-dreaming is more enjoyable. Wouldn’t it be grand if this Animal Crossing mobile game was a supplement to a console title, perhaps one released for launch on the NX? There’s no reason yet to believe it won’t be since we know nothing of the title beyond the IP being used for a mobile app. It’s certainly possible through Nintendo’s new linked account system, which allows rewards, achievements, and other information to be easily transferred between games on multiple systems.

Dreaming big about a future NX Animal Crossing game and a mobile companion I could carry with me everywhere, I came up with five ways a mobile app could supplement a console title.

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