Write For Us


Love the world of apps and games? Enjoy writing? Want to join one of the FanSided network’s fastest rising entertainment sites and have a worldwide platform to share your views? AppTrigger.com is for you!


We have a number of spots open to cover apps and games. We are primarily looking for people to cover console, PC and mobile games, but we also have openings for those interested in doing news and/or features on apps.

Experience in online writing is preferred, but not mandatory.


We offer daily news, opinions, recaps and analysis on all that makes up the world of apps and games. You can cover your favorite hobby for a national website under the Time Inc. brand.  Have a different idea in mind? Pitch it to us. We’re always looking to improve our team and if you have a way to do that, we’d be happy to listen.

Our writers craft their own headlines and work at their own leisure. That freedom is priceless and makes the sportswriting journey that much more enjoyable.


As a member of the FanSided network (under Time Inc), you’ll immediately get that name recognition that independent websites have to work much harder for.

You’ll get national exposure and invaluable work experience, but that’s not the only way to get value from writing for AppTrigger.com.

Every qualified writer earns $1.00/1000 page views. The only criteria for getting paid is you must write eight pieces per month to qualify. That’s basically two per week. You don’t have to be a math phenom to see the value there. The more you write and promote your pieces, the more you earn.

We have also developed great relationships with game studios to get advanced review copies, exclusive interviews and conference call opportunities.

There are also opportunities to do flat-rate pieces on occasion. The editor may provide a specific piece they’d like written, with a flat dollar amount offer. Anyone can volunteer to be eligible for these opportunities.


Interested? You’ll have to apply through FanSided at http://fansided.com/join-fansided/. Make sure to mention AppTrigger.com as the site you’d like to write for. You can also send an email to our Director at michael.dunlap (at) fansided.com if you have any questions. We can’t wait for you to join our team!