Vampire Survivor: Operation Guns is a crossover with a famous, oft-neglected classic

Move over Dead Cells X Castlevania. There's a new old school game crossing over with an indie darling.
Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns screenshot courtesy poncle.
Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns screenshot courtesy poncle. /

You don't need me sitting here telling you that Vampire Survivor is a great game. If people every want a perfect program to teleport themselves 30 minutes into the future, this game will do just that for you. It's frantic gameplay, nonsensical on screen enemy count, and it's oft nonsensical and over-the-top weaponry mixed with endless unlockables has kept people glued to it since release.

But that doesn't mean that they're stopping working on it. In fact, Vampire Survivor may have even done my favorite retro crossover. Sorry Dead Cells X Castlevania.

In Vampire Survivor: Operation Guns we see the game bringing in stages and the cast from one of most famous run-n-guns ever. CONTRA.

This new add-on pulls in 12 new characters from the Contra universe. You have your obvious gets like Bill and Lance, you got your obscure pulls like Simondo Belmont and Newt Plisken, and, because the world is good sometimes, my all time favorite, Browny the tiny little robot.

It's also filled with practically every weapon you've ever seen in the Contra series. The traditional Long Gun, the Wave Beam, and, of course, the infamous Spread Shot.

Not only are the games filled with familiar characters and tons of enemies, bosses, and settings from the original, the soundtrack is chuck full of absolute bangers. Especially the songs from the excellent Contra Hard Corps.

There's even new game play elements like a massive recreation of one of the boss battles that's actually done in a side scrolling format. It's such a fun throw back as the boss fight was exactly what I remembered from the old games.

With a slew of new things to unlock, new ways to play, and even the occasional side scrolling boss fight you're in for an amazing time. And at only $2.50 for the DLC you got no reason to miss out on this amazing time.