TopSpin 2K25: Franchise is making a return after more than a decade

2024 Australian Open - Day 3
2024 Australian Open - Day 3 / Andy Cheung/GettyImages

I bet no one had TopSpin tennis making a return in 2024 on their bingo card this yea. But 2K announced that TopSpin 2K25 would be the next installment in the TopSpin video game franchise. 2K released a 21-second teaser trailer on YouTube to get gamers excited about the revived franchise.

The announcement about the upcoming TopSpin 2K25 video game was perfectly announced alongside the 2024 Australian Open. The 2024 Austrailian Open is just getting underway and what better way for 2K to drop some of the biggest tennis video game news than by doing it alongside one of the 4 tennis Grand-Slams.

There was not a lot of information to grab out of the teaser trailer, but a few small details. There is no official release date. The only info we have on when it will be released are the words "Coming Soon." We also just saw a few players doing battle on the Australian Open courts, which makes perfect sense since this was announced during the 2024 Australian Open. However, this also means that players will get the chance to play on Grand Slam soil in the upcoming video game.

While we don't know exactly what athletes will make their way into the game or what tournaments you will be able to play through, you do get a tease during the teaser trailer of many different court surfaces. You see hard courts, grass courts, clay courts, which leads me to believe all the very many court surfaces that you have grown to love will be available to play on.

As of right now, there is not a lot of information known about the upcoming game. All we know at the moment is the bare minimum, but we do at least know that the game is currently in the works.

There are not a lot of major tennis video games available right now. With how much tennis continues to grow, it only makes sense that we finally give the sport the spotlight it deserves. Hopefully, 2K develops a game that doesn't get over-plagued by micro-transactions and really makes TopSpin 2K25 a game worth owning.

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