Top 10 Most Evil Things to Do in Baldur’s Gate 3

From morally questionable to outright diabolical, here are the top 10 most evil things to do in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 - ©2023 Larian Studios
Baldur's Gate 3 - ©2023 Larian Studios /
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7. Romance Minthara, Then Break Her Neck

Minthara must be one of the more interesting companions to have. To recruit her, you will have to dirty your hands quite a bit. However, the effort pays off, as you will be able to uncover the true story of Minthara, which is laden with tragedy and betrayal.

Once you have earned enough of her approval, you have the chance to spend an intimate night with her, revealing a side not often seen: vulnerability. Behind her cold-hearted tyranny lies her genuine fear rooted in past treacheries coming from friends, lovers, and even family. And yet, having known all that, you still have the option to indulge your Dark Urge and snap her neck when she nestles in your embrace. Thus, fulfilling her deepest dread, and bringing the end to one of the game’s most tragically storied characters. 

6. Let Isobel Be Kidnapped, Dooming the Whole Last Light Inn

Despite being the daughter of Ketheric Thorm, Isobel is a kind-hearted cleric. Her divine magic keeps the people who seek refuge within the Last Light Inn alive. During your first encounter with her, you will be interrupted by Marcus, a Flaming Fist, now a pawn of the Absolute. If you side with Marcus, Isobel will be kidnapped. The Moonshield embracing Last Light Inn will dissipate, exposing everyone to the relentless shadow curse.

If Jaheira is unaware of your terrible deeds, she will help you put down the innocent residents who have succumbed to the shadows. Other than that, you will never be able to restore the Shadowlands to its former state of life, as Art Cullagh, a key NPC in the quest to lift the shadow curse, will be dead.