The Legend of Zelda LEGO Set Leaked

I hope the rumors are true.
I hope the rumors are true. / Nintendo

Yes, you read the title correctly. The Legend of Zelda franchise may get a LEGO set this year. Rumors have been circulating online, but an Instagram user recently leaked details about it. 

The Legend of Zelda LEGO Set Leaked

The Great Deku Tree LEGO set leaked details
The Great Deku Tree LEGO set leaked / 1414falconfan

A famous leaker named 1414falconfan made the announcement about a week before writing this article. According to the post, the set will be of the Great Deku Tree, a popular character who has appeared in many Zelda titles. The kit is also expected to come with 2,500 pieces and is supposed to come out sometime in September 2024. 

Falcon Bricks, another credible source for LEGO news and leaks, also reported the set on Jan. 19 with more details. The website states there will be two build options for the Great Deku Tree: one with green leaves and one with cherry blossoms. The article also indicates the possibility of a few mini-figures, including Link with a Hylian Shield.

No one seems to know anything about the set's price.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor. It’s possible that the LEGO set won’t arrive. However, 1414falconfan and Falcon Bricks have accurately predicted LEGO sets before, so it’s worth getting your hopes up.  

It makes sense that The Legend of Zelda would have its own LEGO set. The franchise has a dedicated fanbase and continues to be extremely popular since it started in 1986. The latest Zelda releases, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, are some of the best-selling Nintendo games, earning over 50 million sales in total. Not only that, but other Nintendo franchises, like Super Mario and Animal Crossing, have gotten the same treatment. Therefore, a Legend of Zelda LEGO set is long overdue.

The-Legend-of-Zelda Inspired LEGO Sets Created by Fans

Some Zelda lovers express their desire for LEGO sets through LEGO IDEAS. This website lets users publish their ideas in hopes that they’ll become official LEGO sets. 

There are currently three Legend of Zelda ideas on the website: A 1986 NES version, a Great Deku Tree version, and a Stone Talus version.

Show love for these creators by visiting the product page, creating a LEGO IDEAS account, and clicking “Support.”