TFT Set 11: Inkborn Fables' new Encounters Mechanic explained

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies key art. Image courtesy Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies key art. Image courtesy Riot Games. /

Following the conclusion of TFT Remix Rumble's championship this weekend, Riot Games officially peeled back the curtain on Set 11. We knew the upcoming set was titled Inkborn Fables, but details, such as the set's champions, traits and core mechanics were still a mystery.

Now, we finally know the details. Headliners, aka Chosen, are going away with Remix Rumble and with Set 11 comes a brand new gameplay mechanic: Encounters.

The concept of Encounters is rather simple, but the impact they can have on an individual match can be big (or small), depending on the champion encounter. The mechanic works like this: at random points throughout the game, players will experience an encounter with champions that will change the course of the game.

Riot confirmed there are more than 80 different Encounters you will come across throughout the next set, each with varying levels of impact.

Kayn, for example, was one of the Encounters revealed and his impact stirred up the most conversation. If Kayn appears in your game, then that game will end early (at 5-4) with the current standings. It was confirmed that Kayn will show up at 1-1, so you'll be able to plan and play accordingly, knowing that you have until 5-4. It was also stated that Kayn will be a rare Encounter.

Another Encounter you may have is Bard. If he appears in your game, then all players will begin the game at level 3.

The new Encounter mechanic replaces Headliners, but will work in tandem with things like Portals, which remain in the game. So not only must you now adjust your approach to each match based on the portal you get, but also each Encounter.

I love that this will force players to become more adaptable and flexible in their approach to TFT. And the fact that all players get the same Encounter means there won't be any unfair advantages based on balancing.

TFT: Inkborn Fables arrives on the PBE on Tuesday, March 5th. It will release fully on Wednesday, March 20th.