TFT Patch 14.1 preview: Heartsteel rework and new 'Raise the Stakes' mechanic explained

Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble key art. Courtesy of Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble key art. Courtesy of Riot Games /

Patch 14.1 for Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble is set to arrive next week. The long-awaited patch — the first of the new year — will feature plenty of balance adjustments and tweaks aimed at creating a more fun and competitive set.

With the patch set to arrive on January 10, lead game designer Stephen Mortimer, aka Mortdog, has been posting various bits of information on his social media account. Earlier this week, he touched on the addition of 11 new portals and a nerf to True Damage. He then went on to reveal that patch 14.1 will implement new rules for win/loss streaking, headliner appearances and combat ties.

In addition to these sweeping changes, patch 14.1 will rework the Hearsteel trait. Since Set 10 arrived, Heartsteel has been one of the more divisive traits. It's especially strong right now with Open Forting (losing intentionally to gain hearts while securing early Carousel priority and loss streak gold).

While we already touched on the changes to streaking, which should hopefully address Open Forting, Mortdog today further explained the adjustments being made to Heartsteel in 14.1.

Acknowledging that the trait is a "little too good' at 5 and 7, Patch 14.1 will nerf the multipliers. It will now look like this:

  • (5 Heartsteel) 2.5x -> 2.25x
  • (7 Heartsteel) 6x -> 5.5x

Raise the Stakes and chase the rare high roll

The nerf isn't the biggest change coming to Heartsteel though. There's a brand new mechanic that will serve as sort of a fun gambling risk/reward.

After four rounds of playing Heartsteel, you'll be able to cash out your reward like normal, or you'll be given the opportunity to enter "Raise the Stakes" mode. This is for players who want to take "BIG RISKS," Mort explained.

If you decide to enter Raise the Stakes mode, your box will turn Golden and you'll start earning double the hearts. If you can lose four times in a row, you can gamble and go again or cash out. The risk, however, is that if you win a single fight, you'll lose 50% of your hearts immediately.

"If you play it PERFECTLY, you can get some insane cash outs, which should be very exciting," Mort teased.

It sounds like an easy strategy, especially with open forting being so popular right now, but the devs believe that this at the highest level of play, "it will almost never be correct to Raise the Stakes, unless you're in an amazing position." The new mechanic is design for those who like to chase the rare high roll.

The new Raise the Stakes mechanic for Heartsteel will arrive with Patch 14.1 on January 10.