Tekken 8 Performance Stats Explained

No one knows exactly what Performance Stats mean, but here's some idea of what they are.
No one knows exactly what Performance Stats mean, but here's some idea of what they are. / Bandai Namco

Jin and Kazuya continue their insane family feud in Tekken 8. This time, you’ll see 32 redesigned fighters, high-fidelity graphics, a new ‘Heat’ system, and more in the latest title. Everyone’s enjoying Tekken 8, but most players are confused about what the Performance Stats mean. This article should clarify some things.

Tekken 8 Performance Stats Explained

Performance Stats are usually displayed when playing online and show your expertise in a specific area. 

They’re split into five categories: Attack, Technique, Appeal, Defense, and Spirit. Each stat has a limit of 100 points and four subcategories that max out at 25 points. The subcategories also provide a letter grade to show your proficiency in the skill, with S+ being the highest. 

Players are trying to figure out what each subcategory of the Performance Stats means based on their gameplay experiences, other people’s gameplay, and past titles in the franchise. Therefore, the definitions below are educated guesses and haven’t been confirmed by Bandai Namco. This information provided by Reddit user Barmy Deer is researched enough to help players out regardless. 

  • Aggressive: counter-hits reliance and/or large volume of attacks
  • Block up: blocking / turtle proficiency
  • Close combatant: rushdown / close-range behavior 
  • Composed: keepout / spacing behavior
  • Discerning: punishment proficiency
  • Dodge-king: well-timed side stepping and backdash
  • Escape artist: throw countering proficiency
  • Fair and Square: doesn't attack first and/or post-round
  • Full of fight: attacks first and/or post-round
  • Goal-oriented: comeback factor. High percentage of low health ("Great!") finishes
  • Heavy hitter: high usage of knockdown / knockback attacks
  • Hyper focused: meter / gauge activation proficiency
  • Myriad: performs a large variety of moves and mixups
  • Overwhelming: power crushes / armors and/or plus frame moves proficiency
  • Precise: doesn't whiff. Connects often
  • Respectful: rematches
  • Side swapper: frequently switches stances
  • Stage user: high usage of walls and floors
  • Trouble maker: mix-ups or throws proficiency
  • Underdog: frequently beats players with higher prowess / win rate

Bandai Namco posts guides and tips on the official Tekken 8 wiki. The last guide they posted was about the Arcade & Special Styles. If players continue contacting Bandai Namco about a guide regarding Performance Stats, the developer may eventually share information about what they mean. Try reaching them through their official Twitter/X account to voice your concerns.