Teamfight Tactics Set 11 Revealed as Inkborn Fables

Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Set 11's name has been revealed as Inkborn Fables after Riot Games posted a teaser trailer on social media.

Set 10, Remix Rumble, is coming to an end in a couple weeks which means it's time to build anticipation and hype for a new set. Riot Games previously teased that Set 11 would have a mythical theme, but now we have an official name: Inkborn Fables. Not only that, but we have a preview of what to expect for game music. Fans of mythological media will be instantly drawn to the new sound. Check out the trailer below.

Teamfight Tactics Set 11 Revealed as Inkborn Fables

The trailer showcases people leaving a rave in tune with the musical theme of Remix Rumble. After entering a room, Riot Mortdog opts for a new vinyl in his collection. The EDM beats of Remix Rumble are immediately swapped out for a new sound. As the roadmap teased back in December, Set 11 focuses on "an encounter with myths and legends." The champion highlighted in the roadmap was Blood Moon Aatrox.

This TFT set has been polarizing, as many have been in the past. Some have found this is their favorite set ever, while others are still unhappy with the Headliner (chosen) mechanic. Thankfully for those against Chosen, Set 11 won't feature the mechanic. Though, there will be a new mechanic that adds more variance to games. Riot Games mentioned though that it won't add more complexity in the way that Headliners did.

Perhaps the biggest change coming to Set 11 is the overhaul of loot distribution. Moving foward, players will always receive the same amount of loot as others in their lobby, though that loot value is based on variance. So, players won't receive the same actual loot as everyone else, but the same value of loot.

Set 11 will arrive at some point in March.