Supercell's ambitious mobile game Squad Busters announces global release

Squad Busters key art. Courtesy of Supercell Games.
Squad Busters key art. Courtesy of Supercell Games. /

Supercell has announced the global launch date of Squad Busters, the developer's ambitious new mobile game.

Imagine a multiverse of all of Supercell's previously released games. And the characters from these games all converged into one single battle arena. This is Squad Busters.

The new mobile action game offers a unique PvP/PvE experience in which players "build and bust" Squads comprised of various characters from Supercell's catalog of games, including Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and more.

Players begin with just a single character, but can unlock additional characters to join their Squad by exploring and fighting on the map. As they earn Coins, they can open chests that unlock these Characters and upgrade them to become more powerful.

Combat is mostly automatic, although players do control the general movement of their Squad, and can launch some Special Abilities and Spells.

Characters begin relatively weak in a "cute baby form," but can grow stronger as they Evolve. Each character has a "Baby, Classic and Super" form with new abilities unlocked at each stage. To evolve characters, you must collect duplicates and merge them.

Each match you play rewards you with a chest at the end, no matter what position you finish in. However, the better you do, the more your chest upgrades. This translates into higher chances to get more and higher rarity characters.

Every time you evolve a character, you'll earn Portal Energy. This is used to level up your Squad Journey and unlock new worlds. each world comes with a new theme, new characters, bosses, and mods.

So when can you dive into Squad Busters and begin busting? Supercell has confirmed the game will launch on May 29th globally.

Pre-registration is now available with a bunch of community goals that can unlock rewards in Supercell's other games for each registration milestone reached.