Starfield to receive its biggest update to date this week

Starfield screenshot. Image courtesy of Xbox.
Starfield screenshot. Image courtesy of Xbox. /

Starfield has been out for a few months now but Bethesda is continuing to support the blockbuster sci-fi with post-launch updates. This week, the game is set to receive its largest update yet.

Bethesda took to social media to outline the upcoming update, which will feature over 100 fixes and improvements. Among them are a "multitude of fixes to Quests." Additionally, players can expect to see stability improvements and numerous graphic updates, "ranging from additional widescreen support to improved textures, lighting and shadows."

Bethesda shared a before and after screenshot to show off the graphical improvements. Check it out below.

Bethesda noted a few other fixes as well:

  • Sun disk geometry
  • Planet ring shadows
  • Bulldozed objects reappearing when returning to an Outpost
  • Ship hatches marked inaccessible
  • Fix for asteroids following ships

The update is set to arrive on Steam Beta on Wednesday, January 17. Its wider release for all players is expected to come two weeks later.

Released in September 2023, Starfield was one of last year's most anticipated games. Reviews were mixed, although generally favorable among critics. Many praised Bethesda's world-building and intriguing side quests, although some felt that the main story fell flat.

In my review of the game, I personally felt Starfield was a return to form for Bethesda Game Studios. Scoring the game a 9/10, I praised its "top-notch storytelling and compelling narrative," as well as the mysterious and intrigue of exploring space. The game wasn't without bugs and glitches at launch — which is unfortunately to be expected from a Bethesda game these days — but as these post-launch updates keep coming, these sorts of issues will hopefully be cleaned up.

Starfield's first major DLC, Shattered Space, is expected to arrive at some point this year. Not much is known about the next chapter in the gmae, but it is described as a story expansion, which suggests it could either follow one of the multiple endings or introduce an entirely new story arc.