Spirit City: Lofi Sessions has the chill vibes you're looking for

Dive into the cozy world of Spirit City: Lofi Sessions, the game that turns relaxation and focus into an art form. Say goodbye to stress and hello to productivity in the most chilled-out way possible.
Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games
Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

Game: Spirit City: Lofi Sessions
Developer: Mooncube Games
Publisher: Mooncube Games
Platform: PC - Steam (reviewed on)
Release Date
: April 8th, 2024

Let me tell you about the most magical digital concoction that’s graced my screen in ages - Spirit City: Lofi Sessions. This isn’t just a game, my friends, it’s your new best buddy in the realm of concentration, relaxation, and all things chill. MoonCube Games have basically taken that iconic symbol of focus and chill – the Lofi Girl, sitting on her desk with a cup of tea, a cat, and her scribbles – and said, “Hey, you love her, right? Wanna make your own?”

And the answer, of course, is a resounding “Yes!”

This game review request landed on my lap like a cuddly dog (I'm allergic to cats, sorry), and I just knew I would love this. As a really busy mom who is also a writer with her thoughts spread over 9 different websites, I have logged roughly 50 hours in this incredible game. For an entire week, I'd wake up, set up my work area, click play on Steam, and I was immediately graced with soothing Lofi music, adorable graphics, and a world to make my own.

This game has quickly become part of my morning routine and, yes, I do use its activity trackers and timers. I absolutely love this game. Is this even a game? Let's call it life and productivity companion instead.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

Imagine having a digital world for creating the ultimate Lofi chill-out zone. That’s Spirit City: Lofi Sessions for you. Want a Lofi avatar that looks like you and that it knows the secret to eternal peace while wearing your face? You got it. Fancy setting up a workspace that screams “Zen” louder than a monastery on a mountain? Easy peasy. And, because we all know life is better with pets, you can summon spirits (which totally give off Pokémon vibes) to keep you company. It’s literally like building your own digital sanctuary, piece by peaceful piece.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

Usually, my background noise of choice would be the nonstop, repetitive yet amazing sounds of electronic music (Seven Lions, Alpha 9, and Super8 & Tab most usually). But this time, I paused my Spotify playlist and let Spirit City set the mood. Those smooth, entrancing beats and warm, inviting visuals transformed my meticulous model assembly into a serene retreat. Time flew, stress fluttered away, and not once did I yearn for my usual electronica fix. Sorry, favorite DJs. Take a much needed rest.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

As I type this, my digital alter ego is sketching away in our cozy corner of Spirit City, proving that this isn’t just a game. It’s a lifestyle. And, as I type this, my twin 7-year-olds remind me that I have yet to make them into Lofi characters. Patience, children!

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

Spirit City does so much more than just set a mood. It comes packed with practical tools like a to-do list and an activity Pomodoro timer. Taking breaks and staying productive has never been so enticing.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

The game offers a plethora of different tracks and background sounds you can play to enhance your experience and lure little spirits, who then become your companions as you become the productive machine your mother always wanted you to be in high school. Once collected, details on the spirit populate in the Spiritdex and fun facts about your newest little buddy are stored there. It's like a much more relaxed version of Pokemon or Pal World.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

As you play the game and let it do its thing, you receive experience points that can then be turned into in-game monies that you can use to unlock more outfits, decorations, wall colors - everything you need to make your space your own. The fact I've had the game running while I'm working means I'm level 17 with 5,750 monies, and 10 spirit buddies. It's fun, low-energy, and it actually helps you stay on task. Make that 11 spirit buddies - a wild Bulbee just flew outside my window.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

There's also a journaling feature on this game - it lets you free-write as well as write about other specific topics and prompts. As much as I would love to get into journaling, I don't have the attention span to do so - but for those who are into journaling, this is an epic tool as well. Paired with the habit tracker, this game is a complete companion for those wanting a bit more organization and, honestly, cuteness in their lives.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

In a world that often feels like it’s running on fast-forward, Spirit City: Lofi Sessions hits the pause button. It doesn’t nag you to do more, be more, or hustle harder. Instead, it’s there to enhance your space, lighten your load, and maybe, just maybe, make you smile more. Whether you’re into hobbies that require a surgeon’s precision, grinding through the 9-to-5 from your home office, or just looking to unwind, Spirit City is like that friend who’s always cool to just hang and watch you work.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your chill game, look no further. Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is out now on PC via Steam, ready to transform your work, play, and relaxation spaces into something straight out of a lofi beats to study/relax to dream.

Trust me, it’s the digital hug you didn’t know you needed.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions - © 2024 Mooncube Games /

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions score: 10/10

"If you're craving a slice of digital zen and a dash of creative freedom, Spirit City: Lofi Sessions was made for you. Don’t walk; float to get this game - your soul will thank you for it."

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