Scammy Mobile Ad Trends That Need To End Right Now

Mobile Ads seem to be getting worse and worse with zero regulation. Here's a couple of the weirdest trends we're seeing in game ads. Some almost make sense, they're wrong but they work. And some are just baffling.
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5) The Dramatic Story the Game Doesn't Actually Have (IE: The Murder Grandma)

One of the most famous examples of ads having a dramatic story not found within the game comes from Merge Mansion. The ads will often feature a woman and her grandmother. Everything will be chill until a secret is revealed, or the grandma will get arrested, or something dark and sinister will occur.

Merge Mansion ads did so well that they got to a point where they were skipping CGI ads and having Kathy Gates (yes that one) play the Grandma in live action ads while Pedro Pascal (yes, also that one) playing a detective.

If you saw those and got intrigued enough to download the app you will find you have to go through WEEKS of playing the game to get a small crumb of ANYTHING involving a story like that.

The other versions you see frequently, often with Match 3 games containing zero story involve things like a woman freezing to death in a house, a woman being kicked out of her home, a woman being...okay, you know what? Let's just point out that the majority of these man made ads feature a woman going through holy hell. That's a different article but it's not great.