Scammy Mobile Ad Trends That Need To End Right Now

Mobile Ads seem to be getting worse and worse with zero regulation. Here's a couple of the weirdest trends we're seeing in game ads. Some almost make sense, they're wrong but they work. And some are just baffling.
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4) Fake Streamers "playing" the footage

This one is just irritating. There has been this trend recently where mobile ads are now being outsourced to pretty much anyone who wants to tell the company that they're streamers. More than likely, it's the same crypto bros who probably put together the shady app pretending to be streamers in the game.

This isn't a random accusation either. In addition to the fact that these people tend to have ZERO streaming gear, reverse Google image searches on these people's faces give back NOTHING.

These guys will get on screen and pretend to play the exact same footage that was in the last 20+ ads for this game you saw already but they almost always over dramatize while barely keeping a straight face.

It's just completely irritating because the ones that aren't just clearly the same people who shat out the app are the people that just saw a moment to profit and fill the ad with lies like "click during this video". Probably doesn't help that each one of these people look like the same person that would, otherwise, be aggressively trying to score weed off you.