Scammy Mobile Ad Trends That Need To End Right Now

Mobile Ads seem to be getting worse and worse with zero regulation. Here's a couple of the weirdest trends we're seeing in game ads. Some almost make sense, they're wrong but they work. And some are just baffling.
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3) Fake Game Footage

If you have a phone you've probably seen a Total War ad. In these ads it's usually a fake streamer (I'll get to them later, don't worry) playing a game where they're a soldier running and shooting down enemies while passing through gates that either give them more soldiers or stronger soldiers or the exact opposite.

All the signs are there that's it's fake too. Every fake streamer is using the exact same footage. The amount of bullets that hit the target don't match the speed the number diminishes, and then, at the end, they're taken out by a wave of enemies with one single large beast in the middle of it. What happened there? Was the stage over? Were the gates done? Are you just supposed to drive for infinity? Why did the regularly place gates vanish.

But Total War isn't anything even like it. It's a top down view, grid based city builder with resource management. It's a completely different game.

The fact that some of these commercials also seem to know it like the Total War add that features a fully clothed girl in a dry bathtub playing the game on a flat screen TV that's laying awkwardly in her lap seems to pretty much act as a "what are you going to do about it" to the FTC.