Scammy Mobile Ad Trends That Need To End Right Now

Mobile Ads seem to be getting worse and worse with zero regulation. Here's a couple of the weirdest trends we're seeing in game ads. Some almost make sense, they're wrong but they work. And some are just baffling.
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2) "We're sorry we're late..."

I'm sure you've seen this weird little mystery of an ad, but if you haven't, let me set the scene. There will be something that looks like a CG press conference and a character from some game you've never heard up gets up to the mic and with a big bow says something like "We are sorry we're late" or "We apologize for being late" in a CLEARLY AI rendered voice.

The ad will then go on to say "because of this we are giving everyone who downloads the game now [insert a stupidly huge number] free pulls!" As if the players in the game aren't also getting this.

Here's the thing though, there ARE other players in the game already. So they're not late on anything really. Also the code will be something like "THICCBOI777" and THICCBOI888". If you're a human capable of counting and finding clues at the same time, you probably sussed out that this means that codes "THICCBOI111" through "THICCBOI666" were already used in past events meaning, once against, that the game has been out!

So what are they late for? From what I can tell the only thing they're late for is the class that lets them know that this shit doesn't work on people.