Scammy Mobile Ad Trends That Need To End Right Now

Mobile Ads seem to be getting worse and worse with zero regulation. Here's a couple of the weirdest trends we're seeing in game ads. Some almost make sense, they're wrong but they work. And some are just baffling.
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To say mobile ads are problematic in 2024 is a major understatement. Especially as it seems like Apple and Android alike have made it so that ad makers can create any ad and somehow keep them safe from the laws against false advertisement.

That being said, they're still being safe which is why you'll notice that I don't have any videos of these ads in the description because these companies go out of their way to make sure people don't record their commercials and if you post them on YouTube it'll get taken down within seconds. Apparently if thousands of people report an ad, nothing happens but if a mobile game company asks once, the company will bend over backwards.

And if you're thinking, "well, they're probably making sure the videos aren't available to bring up because they'd be really good evidence in court." Correct.

Anyways, here's my five least favorite things in 2024 gaming ads.

1) "If you click below during THIS video..."

I want to talk about this one first because it's the return of an old enemy. My dad introduced me to this one when I was really little.

Back in the 80's and 90's, there were all these scammy products (see your grocer's "As Seen on TV" section today) that were sold in quick little TV commercials. It would be someone selling a product followed by a blue screen that would say "call this toll free number during this commercial to receive this deal."

I remember my dad telling me "now, if you called outside of this commercial do you HONESTLY think they wouldn't take your money?"

They "click during this video" thing is so effective because it makes you think you have less chance to think. You think "maybe I should do it now just in case". Then the fake streamer who made the ad gets money because you clicked on their ad and the company that makes your game has your information which will probably make them more money than any microtransaction you'll make.