Rocket League: Teammate Boost Indicators are being added

Rocket League Season 14 Key Art. Courtesy Psyonix.
Rocket League Season 14 Key Art. Courtesy Psyonix. /

Rocket League is going to look a bit different starting April 16. The overall game will be the same, but Teammate Boost Indicators are going to be added to help you and your teammates out when you are playing with others.

Teammate Boost Indicators and Rarity name changes are coming to Rocket League on April 16. For those who play game modes with teammates, which is most of the Rocket League community, Teammate Boost Indicators should come as a huge help.

There is nothing worse than verbally telling your teammate that you ran out of boost or by telling them that you need boost using the "Need Boost!" Quickchat. Not having an idea of what your teammates boost is at can be pivotal in deciding who wins or loses games. It can be the difference in a game winning goal you could have saved if you knew your teammate was in desperate need of boost.

Playing with random teammates can be even harder because more often than not, you have no way of knowing if your teammates are in need of boost or not if you can't communicate with them. Which is why Rocket League has developed a new feature that will allow all Rocket League players to be aware on their teammates boost levels at nearly all times.

Teammate Boost Indicators will be added to all players nameplates. These indicators will be displayed via a small circle gauge next to each players name. Which means any time you want to check the status on another teammates boost, all you have to do is look at their nameplate and you will always have an accurate idea.

Of course, you are only going to be able to see your teammates boost levels and not the opposing team. After all, that would make things too easy for everyone if you knew your opponents boost levels.

Rarity Name Changes

Changes to Rarity names are also going to be featured in the latest update. So don't worry if you check out some of the items you own and don't see the names Common, Uncommon, Rare, etc.

  • Common will now be called Base
  • Uncommon will now be called Sport
  • Rare will now be called Special
  • Very Rare will now be called Deluxe
  • Limited will now be called Luxery

While these changes can take a bit to get used to, the objective of the Teammate Boost Indicators is to make playing with teammates a little bit smoother of an experience. Will this addition makes everything perfect, probably not. However, it should provide for better decision making and lead to a lot less confusion, especially if you have no means of communicating with your teammates.

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