Rocket League Server Status: How to Check if Rocket League is Down

Here's how to check Rocket League servers.
Here's how to check Rocket League servers. / Psyonix LLC

Rocket-powered cars meet soccer in Rocket League! Join up to eight others in matches with two teams to see which one can climb the ranks. Like many games with online features, Rocket League can have issues with server connection. Here’s how you can check if servers are down and what you can do to tackle the problem.

How to Check if Rocket League Servers Are Down

Visit the Epic Games Public Status page to check the server status of games. You can see which parts of each game are malfunctioning. This makes it easy to determine if a server issue is system-wide. If you see “operational” next to Rocket League, there’s nothing wrong with the server. You can even check the status of the racing spin-off, Rocket Racing, and the mobile title called Rocket League Sideswipe.  

If you like to use X/Twitter more, follow Rocket League Status for service issues and game updates. Downdetector is another reliable source for server status news. It’s not as detailed as the Epic Games Public Status page, but it’s still helpful. Downdetector records reports from users experiencing trouble with the game. Players can communicate issues with the website, login, gameplay, and server connection. You can also see all Rocket League reports from the last 24 hours and the most common issues in the game. If you see many reports about server connection problems, servers are most likely down.

When is Rocket League Server Downtime?

Servers are usually down when they’re under maintenance. That typically happens when a game gets a major update, such as a new season.

Official Rocket League Communication Channels

You can visit many websites to keep up with Rocket League news. Here’s a complete list:

You can also report new bugs on Epic Games.  

How to Fix Rocket League Server Connection Issues

Complete the following steps to ensure there are no errors on your side:

  1. Check your network connection.
  2. Restart your internet equipment.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Restart Rocket League.
  5. Configure your antivirus software or firewall.
  6. Make sure Rocket League is up to date.

If none of these steps work, Epic Games provides links describing what players should do when Rocket League doesn’t work on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.