Roblox announcement coming March 15: Is it the return of Egg Hunt?

In this photo illustration a Roblox logo is displayed on a...
In this photo illustration a Roblox logo is displayed on a... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Roblox is teasing some sort of announcement or reveal, set to take place on March 15, 2024. The save the date consisted of just a single image with a purple tube/pipe.

No one knows quite what the teaser is for, but there is speculation Roblox could be bringing back the fan-favorite Egg Hunt.

For those who weren't around pre-2020, Egg Hunts (also known as Eggstravaganza and Egg drops) were special events in which eggs were scattered around one or sometimes multiple games. Players would not only have to discover which game(s) held eggs, but also how to earn it.

Some eggs would become limited time items, especially fi they were hard to find. They would sell for anywhere between 200 and 1,500 Robux, with the rarest selling for upwards of 500K.

Egg Hunts debuted in Roblox in April 2008, but were discontinued in April 2020 alongside all in-game events.

But now, four years later, there is rumors and speculation that Egg Hunts could be returning to the game. Players have noticed some admins with items and equipment in their inventories alluding to the return of Egg Hunt -- things like bunny ears and the eggmin cannon.

It's believed that the 2024 Egg Hunt will be a Dev Hunt, which is similar to the event that ran in 2020. In that event, Roblox gave a bunch of different games eggs, and it was up to each individual game to make their own challenge for players to earn the egg.

Nothing official has been announced by Roblox, but there are numerous screenshots of admins seemingly confirming the fan theories. At this point, it's all but confirmed, but that confirmation could come as soon as next Friday.

For those interested in the big announcement, keep it tuned to social media (or check back here). The announcement or reveal will be made on March 15, 2024.