Riot Games' Project L is now 2XKO and it's releasing in 2025

2XKO (formerly Project L) key art. Image courtesy Riot Games.
2XKO (formerly Project L) key art. Image courtesy Riot Games. /

Riot Games' upcoming fighting game has a new name. Previously referred to as "Project L," the 2v2 tag-based fighting game is now officially titled 2XKO. And yes, it's said exactly how it looks.

The announcement marks a major milestone for the highly anticipated game. In a video update, executive producer Tom Cannon confirmed the game is entering a new phase of its development.

Although he acknowledged there's still much work to be done, the game is far enough along that Riot can now start to share more information.

"We're building an always-evolving fighting game for the FGC and there's so much to be excited for," Cannon said. "There's also a lot we still have to figure out, and so that's where we're going to need your help."

Project L was previously shown off at EVO where Riot received some very constructive feedback. Now Riot wants to take this community playtesting to the next level, which means a playable demo.

2XKO will be at EVO Japan in April as well as other events — both small and large. Additionally, development plans will be shared online for those who can't attend events to provide feedback.

There are even plans for a playtest. Riot has already launched its sign-up page for the 2XKO playtest, which consists of a five minute survey that takes about five minutes to complete. There's no date for exactly when the playtest will take place, but expect it to launch sometime this year as Riot gears up for 2XKO's release.

Speaking of release date, Riot is targeting a 2025 launch for 2XKO. It will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and PS5.

2XKO is a new tag-based fighting game featuring characters from the League of Legends universe. It's unclear how many characters from the MOBA will be featured in the game, but the latest trailer showcased Ahri, Ekko, Darius, Yasuo and Illaoi.