Pokemon TCG: 18 Most Valuable Charizard Cards

Explore the fiery prices of these 18 Pokemon TCG cards featuring everyone’s favorite fire-type starter’s final evolution: Charizard!
Artwork for Charizard from Base Set, Skyridge and Plasma Storm Pokemon TCG.
Artwork for Charizard from Base Set, Skyridge and Plasma Storm Pokemon TCG. /
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Charizard Cards Worth Over $300

15. Blaine’s Charizard – Holofoil

Screenshot of Blaine's Charizard from Gym Challenge Pokemon TCG
Blaine's Charizard from Gym Challenge. Courtesy of the Pokemon Company /

Set: Gym Challenge

Market Price: $317.34

This highly enjoyable card from the Gym Challenge set features classic, action-packed Ken Sugimori artwork that shows ‘Zard blowing fire like the dragon we all know it is. With Blaine’s visage glaring out at us from the bottom of the card atop his Volcano Badge, this card oozes vintage charm.

As such, this card is the first on this list to top $300, and it’s easy to see why. Blaine is one of the strongest gym leaders from the Generation 1 Pokemon games, though we don’t actually see him use a Charizard in the games – which makes this card all the more alluring.

14. Charizard – Holofoil

Screenshot of Charizard from Stormfront Pokemon TCG
Charizard from Stormfront Pokemon TCG. Courtesy of the Pokemon Company /

Set: Stormfront

Market Price: $332.98

This card is sweet. Featuring updated artwork of the iconic Base Set Charizard by its original artist Mitsuhiro Arita, this card was released as a secret rare in 2008’s Stormfront expansion. Beyond ‘Zard, both Charmander and Charmeleon also received Secret Rate Holofoil treatments with updated art in the set.

Of course, it’s the Charizard card that retains a modern-day price point above $330, but even the Charmander Holofoil commands over $75 on the market. Even the middle evolution card, almost always the least popular, demands a cool $55.

13. Charizard – Holofoil

Screenshot of Base Set Charizard Pokemon TCG
Base Set Charizard Pokemon TCG. Courtesy of The Pokemon Company /

Set: Base Set

Market Price: $339.58

The original Base Set Charizard has remained, perhaps, the most iconic and recognizable card in the Pokemon TCG’s history, and it also happens to be one of the strongest. Featuring the original striking artwork by Matsuhiro Arita, the highest Hit Points in the game upon release as well as the game’s strongest attack, the original Base Set ‘Zard retains a certain cache among collectors.

While higher-value Base Set ‘Zards will follow this one on this list, cracking open one of these cards back in the day was akin to winning the lottery. In many cases, that can still be construed as the truth, as these cards are worth an impressive amount – especially if they’re in good shape and you get them professionally graded.

12. M Charizard EX (X) (Secret) – Holofoil

Screenshot of M Charizard Ex X from Flashfire Pokemon TCG
M Charizard Ex X from Flashfire Pokemon TCG. Courtesy of the Pokemon Company /

Set: Flashfire

Market Price: $378.75

The only Mega Charizard card variant on this list was an exceptionally strong attacker in its competitive heyday – though it was somewhat overshadowed by its Mega Charizard Y variant – which did not require a darkness energy to attack, unlike Mega Charizard X.

Still though, this Secret Rare’s gorgeous, full-card artwork and tremendous stats make it a major force on the secondary market, as the look of the dragon-type Mega Charizard X is simply better than Mega Charizard Y. Furthermore, any ‘Zard card with different coloration than the standard is going to cost a pretty penny.

11. Charizard – Holofoil

Screenshot of Charizard from Dragon Pokemon TCG
Charizard from Dragon Pokemon TCG. Courtesy of the Pokemon Company /

Set: EX Dragon

Market Price: $395.00

An absolutely sweet Charizard card featuring the divisive e-Reader card format, this is the last entry on this list that has a median price lower than $400. Terrific artwork from the inimitable Mitsuhiro Arita headlines this beautiful – and rare – card.

Many of the e-Reader and EX expansions occurred when Pokemon’s popularity was perhaps at its lowest ebb, so these cards are hugely valuable if one can get their hands on them. This card’s value, in particular, has spiked of late, so hold onto it if you’re one of the lucky few that has one of these beauties in good condition.