PGA Tour 2K23: How to Use Putt Preview

PGA TOUR 2K23 Launch Event
PGA TOUR 2K23 Launch Event / Amanda Edwards/GettyImages

PGA Tour 2K23 is a really fun golf game. The gameplay is solid and thanks to the community-created courses, we have tons of endless tracks to enjoy, helping with the replay value. This is to go on top of the real-world official courses that are in the game like TPC Sawgrass and Pinehurst No.2.

But sometimes, the gameplay can seem tricky, especially for new players to the PGA Tour 2K/The Golf Club series. You can play it on the easiest difficulty if you're struggling but if you're enjoy playing online, then you'll notice that the set difficulty is Pro which is basically like a medium setting so it has a mix of simplicity and challenge.

So hitting perfect tee shots and striking the ball perfect with an iron or wedge is not guaranteed when playing online against others. But one thing that many new players really struggle with the most is the putting, especially on tough greens.

In fact, it's such a struggle that sometimes you'll see players chip while on the green, because it seems like it's easier to chip than it is to putt in PGA Tour 2K23. But, have no fear as there is a feature that can really help improve your putting skills. It's called Putt Preview. Now, this is only available offline so you can't use it during online matches.

That said, using it during single player rounds can help you get a good idea on the slopes of different greens and where the ball will roll. You can set it to Unlimited uses in your profile settings menu so that way, you can use it freely.

So, in order to do the putt preview, all you need to do is hold down the square button if you play PGA Tour 2K23 on PS4 or PS5. If you play on Xbox, you'll want to hold down the X button. Take full advantage of this during your single player sessions so that way, you're ready to roll the ball with confidence when you head into online battles. If you're just a single-player focused virtual golfer then simply have fun with this nifty little tool.