Path of Exile Server Status: How to Check if Path of Exile is Down

Here's how to check if Path of Exile servers are down.
Here's how to check if Path of Exile servers are down. / Grinding Gear Games

The land of ancient gods awaits in Path of Exile. Explore Wraeclast as one of seven exiles, and find your way back to Oriath by mowing your way through evil entities and mythical beings. It’s all fun and games until you can’t connect to the server. Find out what you should do when this happens in this article. 

When is Path of Exile Server Downtime?

Online game servers typically require some downtime, and Path of Exile is no exception. Developers take time to fix glitches, add patches, and make other adjustments to their games to ensure a smooth gaming experience. 

There’s no schedule for Path of Exile’s maintenance, but the official Path of Exile Twitter/X account usually announces when downtime happens. They also stated downtime usually takes 15 - 30 minutes to complete. 

How to Check if Path of Exile Server Is Down

Checking Path of Exile servers is straightforward. You can always visit Down Detector to see if servers are down. The website is known for sharing reports about website and game servers. Users can submit reports about site issues, login troubles, lost server connections, and gameplay problems. Click “I have a problem with Path of Exile” if you want to submit an issue.  

Down Detector also shows a chart of the most recent in-game problems. According to the chart, hardly any issues occur in Path of Exile. You can get the latest news about server issues with the iOS or Android app. 

Official Path of Exile Communication Channels

Follow these social media accounts for Path of Exile:


Path of Exile Forum

Path of Exile Subreddit 

How to Fix Path of Exile Server Connection Issues

Hopefully, these steps will help if everything is fine with the servers.

  1. Check if the game is up to date.
  2. Restart your game.
  3. Restart your PC.
  4. Check your internet connection.
  5. Restart your router.
  6. Turn off your VPN.
  7. Turn off your Proxy Server.
  8. Turn off your firewall.

You may have to contact your internet service provider or email Grinding Gear Games at if you still have connection issues.