Old School RuneScape F2P quests, ranked from No. 22 to No. 1

While the majority of Old School RuneScape is pay-to-play, some of the game's most iconic quests are available to everybody.
Old School RuneScape, Dragon Slayer
Old School RuneScape, Dragon Slayer /
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15. Rune Mysteries

Difficulty: 1/10
Nostalgia: 6/10
Storyline: 4/10
Overall: 4.2/10

Rune Mysteries is a quest that exists in RuneScape 3, but it has been totally revamped from its Old School variant. In Old School, it is a significant beginner quest in that it unlocks the rune essence mine, with the “mysteries” being the way to craft runes.

There is more travel involved in this quest than in other low-level quests, but it all falls in line with the story and isn’t what you might consider unnecessary.

Contrary to popular belief, Rune Mysteries is not required before training Runecraft (yes, it’s still called Runecraft, not Runecrafting), though the access to the rune essence mine is certainly significant if you wish to do so without buying the essence ahead of time. 

Even with that access, however, Runecraft is a skill that, while free, is primarily used by members, and even then, productive training techniques are locked behind further requirements. It isn’t even mentioned on Tutorial Island, making it one of two free skills that aren’t (the other being Crafting), and it really isn’t worth training unless you become a member.