Old School RuneScape F2P quests, ranked from No. 22 to No. 1

While the majority of Old School RuneScape is pay-to-play, some of the game's most iconic quests are available to everybody.
Old School RuneScape, Dragon Slayer
Old School RuneScape, Dragon Slayer /
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17. Imp Catcher

Difficulty: 1/10
Nostalgia: 6/10
Storyline: 3/10
Overall: 3.8/10

Back in the day, Imp Catcher actually had me stumped for a bit because I could never seem to find imps to kill to get the four required beads. The fact that that was the biggest obstacle, however, just goes to show how easy this quest is.

Even if you buy the beads nowadays (and thus totally eliminate the quest storyline, which inherently makes Wizard Mizgog think you’re the one who took the beads to begin with…) the quest is still worth doing early on in your Old School RuneScape adventures.

Combined with the Magic experience reward from doing Witch’s Potion, you can skip some of the early Magic levels, similar to the way you can skip some of the early Mining levels by doing Doric’s Quest.

If you want to, let’s say, get level 99 by splashing Fire Strike (level 13), doing this quest will get you just a handful of experience away from being able to set up shop at whatever non-Lumbridge splashing location of your choosing for a couple months. Just a thought for all the AFK trainers out there.