Old School RuneScape F2P quests, ranked from No. 22 to No. 1

While the majority of Old School RuneScape is pay-to-play, some of the game's most iconic quests are available to everybody.
Old School RuneScape, Dragon Slayer
Old School RuneScape, Dragon Slayer /
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18. Witch’s Potion

Difficulty: 1/10
Nostalgia: 6/10
Storyline: 2/10
Overall: 3.4/10

Continuing the theme of “NPCs who are too lazy to get materials themselves”, we have Witch’s Potion, which we rank one spot ahead of Doric’s Quest simply because of the fact that one of the four things you need to complete it you can’t actually buy.

So instead of taking about 10 seconds to complete, this one might take about 20, since you’ll have to kill a rat next door for the rat’s tail (during the quest, otherwise the tail won’t drop).

The major plus of doing this quest early is the Magic experience reward for doing it. Again, Magic isn’t required for doing any of the other free-to-play quests, but it’s a good skill to train early and take what you can get experience-wise, given how expensive it can be.

Witch’s Potion is also not available as a quest in RuneScape 3, though it doesn’t get the boost that Doric’s Quest does since it remains active as a miniquest. The fact that it takes place in Rimmington, a critical town in many future quests, as opposed to some random hut on the side of the road is what keeps it just ahead.