NBA Infinite: 3 things to know about the new mobile hoops game

Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

NBA Infinite is the latest entry into the world of basketball games, particularly on mobile where are a good chunk of solid hoops experiences. This game plays pretty similarly to that of NBA 2K and NBA Live Mobile as they involve collecting player cards to add to your team.

However, there are certain elements that make Infinite stand out from its competition which we'll talk about later. But the game features all of the modern NBA stars as well as legends from the past. There are also classic variations of players.

For example, you can unlock the Seattle Supersonics version of Kevin Durant. Stuff like that is always cool and it's fun comparing the classic versions of a player with the current. But you get these cards by simply playing games and completing missions and such, which, as mentioned, is pretty similar to 2K and Live Mobile. But here are a few other things that stand out about NBA Infinite.

Game Focuses on Streetball

NBA 2K and NBA Live Mobile are heavily focused on the classic NBA style gameplay taking place in NBA arenas. NBA Infinite is a bit different as the primary focus is playing short games in the streets using the various NBA players you can unlock.

The main event is the 3v3 mode where you choose one of your NBA stars to team up with two other players from around the world to take on your opponents in a PvP type of game. The score only goes to 11 so games are nice and quick.

If you enjoy playing Park or Blacktop in the NBA 2K console games, then you might appreciate this approach in NBA Infinite. And although 2K Mobile has the Crews mode, there's no Crew required in Infinite.

3-Point Contest

One of the cool things about NBA Infinite is that there's another unique activity you can play in outside of regular games. There's a three-point contest mode which can be unlocked at level 9 of your journey in the game.

This is another thing that really stands out about the game as other NBA options don't offer a mode like this. These contests are always a blast to play, and with the PvP style format at NBA Infinite offers, it's a perfect fit.

If you want to take a break from games then this is a great way to do it. It's also a fun way to see how good your shooters truly are. Put your skills to the test and let it play.

Practice Mode

A rarity for mobile basketball games is the presence of a proper Practice Mode. There are usually tutorials which are fine but sometimes you want to take the time to just shoot around and get comfortable with your jump shot and the skills of your players.

Well, NBA Infinite actually has a dedicated Practice Mode which is welcoming. All you have to do is choose a player from your team and head to the court. You can freely work on your three point shots, mid-range shots and finishing abilities.

There's also a Training Mode where you can focus on scenarios to help you get better in situational play. There's also a way to use the Three-Point Contest for practice as well which is cool. Again though, you need to be level 9 to unlock this.