Metroid Prime 4 Beyond recent reveal might hold a big hint to the story

At first glance the Metroid Prime 4 reveal didn't really give us a lot of information and, instead, showed her doing a lot of the things you're used to her doing like fighting space pirates and rolling around in conveniently sized tubes. But there's a very brief moment that might be hinting at more.
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Metroid Prime 4 header.jpeg /

The Metroid Prime 4 reveal was big news at the end of today's (Jun 18th, 2024) Nintendo Direct. Having only shown us the logo in 2017 there hasn't been any information involving the game so this was an awesome treat.

Unfortunately, the gameplay footage showed us absolutely nothing new to the series. She's fighting space pirates, she's rolling in tubes, she's charging her arm cannon, she's scanning stuff. There was zero story lore or the reveal of any new enemies.

But at the end there's something I noticed on my second watch through.

I was watching the direct with my kids and after the Prime 4 reveal was over one of them said "did they change how the Metroid looked to make it more realistic?

For your understanding of how my 10-year-old is intimately familiar with how a Metroid looks, I bought this thing from Toys-R-Us back in the day from Nintendo that is an 1/2 scale replica of a realistic Metroid and it's beautiful. But they were right, these Metroids weren't the normal.

Metroid Prime 4 Metroids.png
Metroid Prime 4 Metroids.png /

The standard Metroid that I know and love is not this. For the record THIS is the standard Metroid.

Note how it has the three orbs within it. Technically there's a fourth behind the three but in most images there are three. This one had one. But more specifically, one that looks like a brain. And that "brain" was connected to something that looked alot like a medulla.

The medulla is a part of the brain that connects to the nerve endings in the spine. It's a thick boy that, despite the fact you're going to do it anyways I urge you not to look up because while I'm familiar with how gross that thing is, you don't have to be.

But you know who in the Metroid universe is both famous for their visible brain and their very special medulla that allows them to be connected with devices and beings? Yup. Mother Brain herself.

I feel like these Metroids, if I may be so bold, are an attempt by someone to either bring back Mother Brain or to create new Mother Brain like powerful creatures. And given by the fact that there seem to be hovering over the big bad's shoulders at the end of the trailer, it looks like whoever they are has found a way to control them meaning that if they make powerful Mother Brain like Metroids, they'll weaponize them.

So this is me throwing my hat in the ring and saying I feel like this is going to be the primary story.