Madden 25: When will this year's game be revealed and released?

2024 NFL Draft - Portraits
2024 NFL Draft - Portraits / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Now that the 2024 NFL Draft is underway, it's time to look ahead to the release of Madden 25. Last night gave us a glimpse into the future rosters of this year's game, but we still don't know when it will be revealed, or released, for that matter.

EA chose not to reveal this year's game during the big night, which isn't unexpected given that the the publisher has typically waited until the summer to give us a look at the newest game in their football franchise.

So if EA chose not to announce Madden 25 during the draft, when can we look forward to the game's reveal?

When will Madden 25 be announced?

Looking back at EA's recent trends, the publisher typically reveals a new Madden game in June, around the Summer Games Fest. EA sometimes hosts its own showcase during the big summer event, but it's unclear if they will be doing so this year.

This year's Summer Game Fest takes place on June 7th, which could provide us with a possible reveal window. Last year, Madden 24 was revealed on June 7, 2023, while Madden 23 was revealed in early June 2022.

Given that EA has already confirmed that EA Sports College Football 25 will be revealed in May, it's probably safe to assume that Madden 25 will be revealed in June again.

When will Madden 25 be released?

Again, this is another thing we can look to the past for. EA is pretty consistent with when it launches its new Madden game for the season — it's usually mid-to-late August, just in time for the NFL season's kickoff.

Looking at previous Madden games, Madden 24 released on August 18, Madden 23 on August 16, Madden 22 on August 17, and Madden 21 on August 28. Based on these previous timelines, Madden 25 is expected to release in August on any of these dates:

  • Friday, August 9 (Tuesday, August 6 for early access)
  • Friday, August 16 (Tuesday, August 13 for early access)
  • Frida, August 23 (Tuesday, August 20 for early access)

If I had to guess, I would say August 16 or August 23 are the most likely dates for when Madden 25 could be released.