League of Legends Server Status: How to Check if LoL is Down

Find out where to go to check League of Legends servers.
Find out where to go to check League of Legends servers. / Riot Games

League of Legends has been one of the most popular battle arena video games since 2009. This free-to-play multiplayer online title has two teams of five battle it out to see which is best. 

League of Leagends occasionaly has online connection issues. Here’s how players can find out what’s wrong.  

When is League of Legends Server Downtime?

All online games need server maintenance every once in a while, and League of Legends is no exception. In this case, servers will be down for some time. Players may experience an error message stating a server outage when they try to run the game. That indicates Riot is doing server maintenance.

How to Check if League of Legends Servers Are Down

If you’re having connection issues, check the League of Legends server on the official Riots Game Service Status page. Any widespread connection problems or events will appear under the “Current Messages” tab. @RiotSupport also posts server issues on X/Twitter when something goes wrong.

Players can also report issues via the Riot Games Support page.

Official League of Legends Communication Channels

It’s easy to keep up with League of Legends news. Riot Games has many social media accounts for different users. Here’s a list of all of them:

How to Fix League of Legends Server Connection Issues

If League of Legends is under server maintenance or having worldwide sever issues, there’s nothing players can do to fix the connection. However, if the issue is on their side, players can follow the steps below to solve it.

  1. Restart the console or PC.
  2. Restart the router.
  3. Turn off the firewall.
  4. Update the network adapter driver.
  5. Turn off VPN.
  6. Turn off Proxy Server.
  7. Close background applications.
  8. Run the game as administrator.
  9. Use IP configuration to reset the connection.

If none of these steps work, players should contact their internet provider or Riot Games’ customer support.