Is IGN Turning Into the Embracer Group of Video Game News?

IGN Entertainment Party In Honor Of E3
IGN Entertainment Party In Honor Of E3 / Charley Gallay/GettyImages

Multiple outlets online have reported that IGN has acquired Gamer Network, the parent company of major video games news outlets including Eurogamer and Despite the news coming out on May 21st, 2024 (today as of writing this article), it has already been confirmed that layoffs and reductions will occur within the acquired businesses and IGN itself. 

When I first saw this news, my immediate thought was, “Is IGN going to become the new Embracer Group?”

Embracer Group has been acquiring and, for lack of a better phrase, tearing down video game development companies for multiple years now. People within the gaming community have been justifiably frustrated by this as Embracer’s decisions have caused many incredibly talented developers, programmers, and artists to lose their jobs. 

While layoffs and acquisitions have become somewhat standard in the video game industry as of late, that does not make these losses any less harmful to everyone involved. A terrifying precedent has been set that there is little to no job security within this market. Between 2022 and 2024, there have been over twenty-five thousand layoffs in the video game industry, most of which have directly affected those who worked on the artistic side of game development. A good number of these layoffs can be attributed to companies backtracking from the COVID-19 pandemic which caused a surge in video game popularity, but when the numbers are this big that tells me that this is setting a trend for companies going forward. 

IGN has been a prominent force in creating video game guides, reviews, and more since the 1990s. They are undoubtedly one of, if not the most prominent source for game enthusiasts to receive information on upcoming and existing releases. By acquiring Gamer Network they are effectively working towards monopolizing this portion of the internet, which is a terrifying notion. Having a range of opinions and journalists allows consumers to make better-informed decisions with their purchases and playstyles. 

Not everyone will enjoy the same type of game, and that is perfectly okay. By limiting the number of voices contributing to review scales, consumers will have a harder time figuring out if a game is a good fit for their library. I can say for a fact that I read reviews from various sources for any game that I have even a slight interest in purchasing. I rely on having an array of opinions to understand not only if a game is good, but why people believe that it is or is not. 

My heart goes out not only to those affected by this new IGN acquisition but to the entire video game industry in 2024. May everyone who has lost their job find new, stronger employment with a company that values them, quickly at that. 

As always, game on, friends!