Is Banishers: Ghosts of Eden Hidden a prequel to Vampyr?

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. Screenshot courtesy Focus Entertainment.
Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. Screenshot courtesy Focus Entertainment. /

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is the newest RPG from developer DontNod. Known for its amazing title Life is Strange, DontNod branched out originally with its debut game in the genre with Vampyr.  Now, with the release of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, we get to see exactly how the developer has decided to tie these games together.

Both games are very lore focused with many important details of the story tied into locating various collectibles. Well, thanks to lore in Banishers, we now know that the game is in fact a prequel to Vampyr and set in the same universe. Banishers is set in the year 1695 in North America. More specifically, it's a New England town called New Eden. Vampyr is set 225 years later in 1918 England. Now, 225 years and over 3,000 miles away is an interesting link, but it is there clear as day.

In Banishers,  one of the pieces of lore I located was called the Vulkods of Roanoke. Now, Vulkods is the main type of vampyr in the Vampyr game.  The note, which indicates "I saw no trace of vulkods or any other type or vampyr" even uses the same spelling. Now, here's where it gets more interesting. The lore also mentions The Brotherhood of St Paul's Stole, which is the main organization in Vampyr investigating the murders in the game. They go even further by indicating that the lost city of Roanoke,  famous in US history for disappearing without a trace,  is tied in the game into the outbreak of the nightmare.

At the end of the note, the writer states that they must decide on whether to implement the Ban of the Dragon.  This is a process of vampyr investigation as well as a main collectible in Vampyr.

It's a very intriguing tie in, and Roanoke possibly being disappeared by vampyrs is a pretty cool take on history.  Reading this document is needed to get 100% achievements as it earns you the American Vampyr achievement. You can only get it once you start the "The Love Finds A Way" quest near the Seeker's hideout. It's not missable and can also be picked up after beating the game without a 2nd playthrough by fast traveling to the area.

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