How to wait in Fallout 4

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It feels a bit odd that in 2024 I'm writing a guide for a game that released almost 10 years ago. But thanks to the release of Prime Video's Fallout television series, the games on which it is inspired by have seen a resurgence in popularity. That includes 2015's Fallout 4.

So here we are. If you've recently dived into Fallout 4, you've probably encountered a few quests that require you to wait. Unfortunately, the game doesn't make it too clear how to do so.

As it turns out, it's actually quite simple.

How to wait in Fallout 4

To wait in Fallout 4, simply find a chair, couch, or bench to sit down in. You can sit in either a chare you find in the overworld, or one that you craft yourself.

It should be noted that the chare needs to be in a safe place, away from radiation and enemies. If you're allowed to wait, the game will prompt that you can wait once you sit down.

As Bethesda explains in its support page:

To wait in Fallout 4, you must find (or craft!) a chair for your character to sit in. Once you are sitting down, you can select how long you wish to wait.  

There are multiple reasons for why you would want to wait in Fallout 4, and it's not always because of a quest.

For example, waiting will fully restore your health and stamina.

In Fallout 4's survival mode, waiting also prevents damage from hunter, thirst, disease, etc. So if you're character is starving, but there's stlil some time before the food restocks, you can use the wait command to safely pass the time and not worry about taking damage. The same applies to a disease and waiting for its duration without sustaining any damage.

Additionally, certain shopkeepers may only operate during daytime hours. You can wait to pass the night time so you can visit them. There are also certain perks that increase your abilities depending on the time of day.

So yes, there's plenty of reasons to want to wait in Fallout 4, and now you know how!