How to unlock Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight's "The Laugh Floor" update arrived this week and with it comes the two iconic characters from Monsters, Inc.: Mike Wazowski (with one "i") and Sulley.

The update comes with a new series of quests in which you'll help this dynamic duo with a varity of laugh-related quests. When you complete it, both Mike and Sulley will join you in Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley "Escape Claws" Walkthrough

In order to unlock Sulley, and his pal Mike Wazowski, you'll need to complete quests in the Monsters, Int. Realm. You can access the Monsters Inc. Relam via the Dream Castle. The door is found on the third floor, next to the Beauty and the Beast Realm door. It will cost 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Monsters, Inc. Realm so make sure you complete those Dreamlight Duties and clear away Night Thorns.

Once inside, the Monsters Inc. Realm, you need to get access to the Laugh Floor. You'll need to disguise yourself as a monster, so open the Storage drawer and find a Bag of Monstrous Accessories. Put on the Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat, and either the Bat Wing Ears or Pointed Monster Ears. You also have the option to change your skin and eye color. Take a selfie and head into the Laugh Floor to meet Sulley and Mike.

Once inside, talk to Sulley who believes you are a new intern. You're tasked with cleaning up the Laugh Floor, which means removing 8 Piles of trash and 4 puddles of Slug Slime.

Your next task is to make coffee for Mike and Sulley. Head to the lobby area and you'll find all the ingredients you'll need. Combine them using the metal Coffee Maker. Sulley's Coffe requires Coffee Beans (5x), while The Wazowski Special requires Coffee Beans (1x), Non-Dairy Scream (1x) and Sugar (3x).

Once you give both monsters their coffee, you'll need to rescue Mike who gets stuck when the door breaks. Gather the Emergency manual and fuses and reconnect the power lines.

As soon as you fix all ten broken connections, the door will activate again, freeing Mike. Talk to Sulley and he'll decide to take a vacation to Dreamlight Valley.