How to Recruit All Baldur’s Gate 3 Pets into Your Camp

Get all Baldur's Gate 3 pets by following this comprehensive guide, ensuring they're safely brought back to your camp for care and protection!
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The Owlbear Cub

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The Owlbear Cub is a cute addition to your camp, especially when Scratch is part of your party. It doesn’t possess the same utility or abilities as Scratch throughout the game. However, it will soon grow up and become a powerful summon to aid you in Act 3’s final fight.

Where to Find the Owlbear Cub in BG3

Act: 1


  • Owlbear Cave: Northeast of the Blighted Village, close to where you find Scratch. Start at the Emerald Grove Environs waypoint, go west, cross the bridge, and follow the Owlbear mother's footprints to find their cave. Inside, you'll encounter the Owlbear mother and its cub.
  • Goblin Camp: To the left of the stage where Volo is performing.

Coordinates: Owlbear Cave: X: 89, Y: 445, Goblin Camp: X: 110, Y: 428

How to Recruit The Owlbear Cub into Your Camp in BG3

Regardless of your ability to communicate with animals, passing certain checks is essential to avoid provoking hostility from the Owlbears. Failing any check or displaying hostility towards them will result in aggression. You can kill or spare the Owlbear mother, the Owlbear cub will still find you later as long as you have interacted with them in their cave. If you decide to kill the mother, make sure to spare the cub.

Later on, you will encounter the Owlbear cub again at the Goblin Camp. Speak with Krolla, who holds the cub captive. You can choose to join the chicken chase, oppose the cruelty, or just simply eliminate all Goblins. Make sure to interact with the cub. Invite it to camp if you can speak with animals, or let it sniff your hands if you can’t. After several days, it will appear in your camp at night. Communicate with it using Speak With Animals or positive actions to feed it. It won’t join you immediately. But long rest a few more times, and it will appear again with wounds on its leg. Heal its injuries, and it will stay at your camp permanently.