How to evolve all the new weapons in Vampire Survivor: Operation Guns

Operation Gun features a SLEW of new weaponry and half of those can only be seen by evolving the others but HOW do you evolve them? Turns out there's an extra step, but don't worry, we got you.
Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns screenshot
Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns screenshot /

So, if you've played Vampire Survivor's newest DLC titled "Operation Guns" you know that not only is it an incredible crossover with oft left-behind series Contra, but it's also absolutely insane. Even if you saw the title "Operation Guns" you are not ready for how shooty this is. Apparently neither was my Switch because there were so many things going on at once that the poor little guy practically started hemorrhaging. You can see it start to stutter for a moment in this clip

But stutter or not, it's amazing. The homing missiles, the lasers, the screen is just filled with mayhem. And, as is the way with most Vampire Survivor weaponry, these new weapons can evolve which you want to do as rapidly as possible as evolving the various weapons unlock the other Contra characters.

So let's get you on the right track because you know why you're here. You need to unlock my man Browny. You're an individual of taste and I appreciate you.

Now, before I get into the list, let if be known that before you evolve the weapon you'll need to pick up a Weapon Power-Up for each of these. A weapon power-up is a new item that looks somewhat like a briefcase. When you get it, it will level-up one of the weapons you currently have equipped at random. So you'll need one of these. And preferably as soon as possible as it seems to me that I can't evolve a weapon unless the Power-Up effected the weapon I want evolved. I can't prove this but it's 100% been the case for me that if now Power-Up touched the weapon I wanted to evolve (even though I had picked up Power-Ups) the weapon would never ever evolve.

Anyways, here we go.

•Long Gun
Long Gun + Weapon Power-Up = Prototype A

•Short Gun
Short Gun + Weapon Power-Up + Bracer = Prototype B

•Spread Shot
Spread Shot + Weapon Power-Up + Empty Tome = Prototype C

•Homing Missile
Homing Missile + Weapon Power-Up + Duplicator = Multistage Missiles

•Blade Crossbow
Blade Crossbow + Weapon Power-Up + Clover = BFC2000-AD

•Sonic Bloom
Sonic Bloom + Weapon Power-Up + Armor = Wave Beam

C-U-Laser + Weapon Power-Up + Tirajisu = Pronto Beam

Firearm + Weapon Power-Up + Candelabrador = Fire L3GS

•Diver Mines
Diver Mines + Weapon Power-Up + Attractorb = Atmo-Torpedo

•Metal Claw
Metal Claw + Weapon Power-Up + Hollow Heart = Big Fuzzy Fist